Tenebra development log

Well, itch.io keeps bugging me that I should start a development log. So here it is. Although I'm not sure what to write about!

I can write some trivia I guess. Originally the game was called "Finsternis", later changed to "Tenebra" (switching from German to Latin).

It was only after publishing the demo that I found out there is already another C64 game with the name "Tenebra Macabre" which is also centred around manipulating lights.

I have also attached screenshots of a couple of new levels.

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I would like to speak about Tenebra in my december news c64 show in my youtube channel "Commodore 64 Mania". 

For that i will have a few questions about your game. Could you please contact me at outrun69@gmail.com

thank you



Yes, Tenebra Macabre from Mojon Twins/Majikeyric!

A very good game too.