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Tenebra is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like aesthetics. Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit. Poor guy is afraid of darkness and refuses to walk in the dark areas.

Move torches around, push lights on rails, find keys to doors, light up cold braziers, pass through archways that collapse behind you, find oil barrels to make your torches brighter, squeeze through cracks in broken walls, fix broken rails with a hammer, illuminate the sensors to open the exits... do whatever it takes to get out of there!

The game contains 31 levels and works on both PAL and NTSC machines.

The Amiga and Atari ST versions come in two flavours; the classic 8-bit looks and the enhanced looks.

If you have enjoyed Tenebra, also check out Tenebra 2!

Updated 9 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
TagsAmiga, Amstrad CPC, atari, atari-st, Commodore 64, commodore-plus4, MSX, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Retro, ZX Spectrum


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tenebra.zip 42 kB
tenebra_plus4.zip 40 kB
tenebra-amiga.zip 350 kB
tenebra-atari-st.zip 445 kB
tenebra-zx.zip 9 kB
tenebra_atari.zip 18 kB
tenebra-cpc.zip 69 kB
tenebra-msx.zip 30 kB
tenebra_nes.zip 17 kB
Tenebra-bbc.zip 11 kB
Tenebra_Ondra.zip 445 kB

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Hey I've just bought the Atari ST version. Thank you for making this. It looks superb :)

Glad you liked it and thanks for your support.

loving it. I’m often bad at games like this but I’ve completed more than a dozen levels. Will try to promote on my website in near future if that’s ok! :)

By all means, please do! Thanks again for your support.

Awesome - Atari ST

Very good game as well as Tenebra 2 and action game Hell Beneath. This game also made it into my latest "TOP 10 AMIGA GAMES according to 2023 Itch.io reviews" -video. So congratulations! 🙂

Fantastic game! We will have a review of it in the December issue of WhatIFF? Is there a way to control the game with a keyboard on a real Amiga or only a joystick? I think it would be nice to have keyboard control. Finally would have time for an interview?

Only joystick is supported.

And sure, send me your questions.

Amazing game! Played and finished the NES version.

I am playing catch up with games featured in the new Crash Magazine. Following its 88% review in #13, I downloaded it and I have been playing it over the last two days.  Currently on Level 25 and really enjoying it. Initially downloaded it for free but came back to pay something. Cheers.

Thanks for your support, and be sure to try Tenebra 2 as well!

I finished the 1st one on Wednesday night, I look forward to playing the second one. Cheers

Same. I saw all the to-do about the second release and started with this one. I'm stuck on the last level!

FYI, the ZX Spectrum version also runs on the Timex/Sinclair 2068.

Thanks for letting me know, I have updated the instructions.

The Atari version doesn't have a RUN address set.  So it simply loads up and then goes back to DUP.SYS.  

(1 edit)

Other people have been using it without any problem. Do you mean something is missing in the XEX header?

I used the PUTRUN.COM program that comes with SpartaDOS 3.2d to add the missing RUN address.  It added "E0 02 E1 02 00 34" onto the end of the file.  In other words, it defines a segment that loads $3400 @ memory address $2E0 (and $2E1).  But you're supposed to let the assembler do that for you rather than hard-coding a RUN address yourself. 

Thanks, I was not aware of this. I have updated the binary. Can you please try and let me know if it is better now?

It's exactly the same as my copy that I ran PUTRUN on so it should be O.K.  You can build the old MS-DOS binload program from source available from here: https://www.crowcastle.net/preston/atari/

That will help you analyse Atari memory image files like this in the future.  It seems to use stdio (libc) functions to read the file and print out the results so it should be buildable on any system.  

I just discovered this:


The "ataricom" program in the "tools" sub-directory is very useful for analysing and fixing up Atari executable files.  Read README-tools file.  

(also has a program to show a directory listing of a disk image and a program to create a disk image from the contents of a directory)

Awesome version 1 Thanks Haplo.

Awesome! Atari version:

Hi Haplo, I want to add sound to the Atom version but I do not know what sound is used for which event. Can you help me with that?
I sent you a message on Stardot about an Acorn Atom version of Tenebra sound problem.

Tenebra - MSX version:

Great puzzle game ! Haplo well done ! One question, why not doing a Atari 8 bit version too ?

Those are the next in the queue!

(1 edit)

Good ! Where do you release atari version ?

Haven't done it yet, currently working on Ooze for Amiga. Will upload the Atari version here once ready.


Hi Haplo, I sent you a message on Stardot about an Acorn Atom version of Tenebra.

Love the game, I've played all but NES and now Beebs versions. :) When can we expect a Dragon32/Tandy ColorComputer version?   :)

Thank you. So many new systems to learn...

Great game, and thanks for adding the BBC and Electron version.

A version for Atari 8-bit computers would be nice, thanks!


Just noticed, thanks! I will spread the news!

Really enjoyed Interlace mode!

I've put the Amiga version of the game in my round-up of retro indie games for April 2023

Hi Haplo - how best to reach you for some comments in our ZZAP! AMIGA review? Thanks

Hey, you reach me at my gmail address, the account is "haplotenebra". Alternatively, Jazzcat has my personal email address.

Fantastic job. In my Top 3 of 2022.

I love this game

Someone... It is scary?!

No it is not scary. It is also safe for kids.

Oh, Oka, thanks

Love the Amiga version, the enhanced looks are really cool.

I've done a video (in German) showing the Amiga version:

Thanks a lot for the Amiga version. News item published! :)


(2 edits)

Very nice and tricky game! Our German-language review of the C64 version can be found in our recorded livestream from January 2022 starting at 01:39:05. Automatic subtitles should be available too (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Awesome game!

Just finished the NES version using Nestopia emulator. A great conversion of your game by the way. Amiga is coming next? :)


Of course!


Here you go!

(2 edits)

I downloaded it and play it in FS-UAE using a stock Amiga 500 (Kickstart 1.3, 512 Kb of memory).

And it works really good. So far, I made it to level 20 after 45 minutes of play :)

Edit: After 65 minutes, I finished this port too... I'm kinda addict to this game :)


Well done!

Thanks :D

Hi, can you send me your email adress, so I can send you the GOTY certificate for Tenebra? (andre.leao@sapo.pt)

I have sent you an email, thanks!

Have you thought about porting this to the Amiga?

Great game BTW!!

Yes! Hopefully some time this year.

Looking forward to it. Thanks!!

I'm in love with this game, it looks basic used with magic. Thank you very much for bringing us good moments of happiness. My congratulations for this magnum opus. Regards from Barcelona (Spain).

After 6 months, I finished Tenebra on the C64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

The last level was not really hard when you understand its logic :)

No, not all. It just needs pin-point precision in a couple of places. Once you know what to do, it takes less than a minute to solve it; it is one the shortest levels actually.

Have you finished Tenebra 2? The latter levels in Tenebra 2 are quite more complex than  the ones in Tenebra.

I avoid the last level until I go to it in every single port you made. It took me about 5 or 6 tries to finish it.

And no, I have not finished Tenebra 2. It took me about 10 or 15 tries to finish level 34. Now, I'm stuck in level 35 and it is really hard.

(1 edit) (+1)

Very good game, thanks a lot. Hope Tenebra2 soon on cpc 🙂

very good

Amstrad CPC - awesome game!

I'm having a lot of fun with this on my 48K speccy so far! Looking forward to playing the sequel if/when that gets ported.

Excellent game! My Review in Spanish. Tenebra 2 for Spectrum pleaseeeee ;-)

Muchas gracias Javi por la reseña y tus comentarios, me alegro mucho que hayas disfrutado Tenebra!

Este fue el primer juego que programé en Spectrum, pero no va a ser el último. 

Tenebra 2 tiene aún más elementos de juego y mejora algunas cosas de su predecesor... quizás tenga una sorpresa para los entusiastas de Spectrum en 2023.

:) I recently got a ZX Spectrum and of course I played Tenebra on it:

Just great...!!! For when "Tenebra 2" on Spectrum? Thank you.


Thanks! Yes, it appears people have been enjoying the Speccy port of Tenebra, which encourages me to port Tenebra 2 as well; some time next year most likely.

You are starting to dominate all platforms! lol


There is a certain charm in learning a new CPU/platform and recreating the game for it. A new port will be coming soon!

Great work. Congrats !

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