Tenebra Extended released!

The extended version of Tenebra is finally released! I removed the 256-byte maximum level size limitation which allowed for improvement of existing levels as well as more complex new levels.

In this version you'll find:

  • Six new levels (26-31)
  • Improvements to many of the existing levels

If you have already finished the original you can use the code F579 to jump straight to the new levels.


tenebra.zip 42 kB
May 31, 2022
tenebra_plus4.zip 40 kB
May 31, 2022

Get Tenebra (C64 / Plus4, Amiga, Atari ST & 8-bit, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, NES, BBC Micro, Tesla Ondra)

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Great addition. I have to say it took me 5 minutes to finish level 26. Currently blocked on level 29. I will beat it!

I beat level 29... Level 30? I don't know how to find the first key... Help anyone?!

Just finished it on my real C64. Next step? Tenebra 2 :)


Awesome game!