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Toop is a minimalistic puzzle game for Commodore 64, inspired by a game called Qop by Quiet River.

The aim is to guide the ball (El Toop) into the portal (The Slipgate), by using the blocks and avoiding the borders and spikes.

Use joystick in port 2 play. You can choose the starting level at the beginning. Press the C= key at any time during the game to go back to the intro screen. The rest is pretty intuitive.

Install instructions

The zip archive contains both .PRG and .D64 files. Playable on C64 emulators and real C64/C128.


toop.zip 18 kB


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Yes, I am one of the organisers. Drop me a mail sometime: jazzcat6581@yahoo.com.au - we are monitoring the situation. Fingers crossed!

Greetings! Nice game, hope to see you at our Sydney party sometime (Flashbackparty.net) 

Thanks. I was looking forward to going to Flashback, but I'm not sure if it will happen given the current state of the world.