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played the ST version really enjoyed it well done bro :) 

What do they call this style of game? 

Its not a sokoban style cause your not lifting objects.



I'd say it's just a puzzle game.

ah ok thanks :) 


nice game!

very nice and creative game! Inspiring..

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This game rocks! Great puzzles, increasing difficulty.

Nice use of plus/4 multicolour capability in title screen; Although I consider SID of C64 more capable than ST's Yamaha sound chip, I liked the tune in Atari ST edition more.

Great job!

Thanks! Yes I like how each machine has its own "personality".

Yes, I am one of the organisers. Drop me a mail sometime: - we are monitoring the situation. Fingers crossed!

Greetings! Nice game, hope to see you at our Sydney party sometime ( 

Thanks. I was looking forward to going to Flashback, but I'm not sure if it will happen given the current state of the world.