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This is a direct sequel to my popular game Tenebra, with many exciting new game play elements, including a portal gun!

Similar to its prequel, Tenebra 2 is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like aesthetics. . Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit. Poor guy is afraid of darkness and refuses to walk in the dark areas.

Tenebra 2 contains 35 levels and works on both PAL and NTSC machines. 

The Amiga version comes in two flavours; the classic 8-bit looks (non-interlaced) and the enhanced looks (interlaced). The enhanced interlaced mode is not recommended on Amiga 500/Amiga 600.


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tenebra2_c64.zip 59 kB
tenebra2_plus4.zip 55 kB
Tenebra2_amiga.zip 351 kB
Tenebra2_zx.zip 838 kB
Tenebra2_cpc.zip 930 kB
tenebra2_msx.zip 806 kB
tenebra2_atari.zip 18 kB
tenebra2_nes.zip 20 kB

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The positive 86% in Crash prompted me to return the the series. I was hooked on ZX Speccy Tenebra 1 and the second one has not disappointed. Started playing this morning and I have not put it down. Love the additions and new puzzle elements. Level 23 so far.


I'm glad you're enjoying it and thanks for the heads-up about the Crash review.

Really Enjoyed Tenebra for BBC Micro, will you be releasing Tenebra 2 on BBC Micro?

Thanks. Yes intending to.

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Hi, that is great, thank you so much. I shall continue to enjoy Tenebra in the meantime.

Why no version for NES this time?

There will be. Soon hopefully.

Ah ok cool! Big fan of the first  game. So while I wait for the NES version, I played the Atari 8-Bit version of Tenebra 2. I am wondering why the title screen on Atari 8-bit looks so blocky, instead of stylized like the others?

Platform limitations. The original title screen needs the full 256 character set, but Atari 8-bit only supports 128. In theory it is possible to just render it directly to the screen, I guess.

The NES version is ready.

Awesome game - Atari version!

Awesome version ! for atari 8 bits.

Thank you for this very good game. I played this in June when I did the Games of the Month video for C64 and Amiga and now I also added it to my October ZX Spectrum game video.

Amazing, thanks for this game !!!!!

Nice game !

Awesome :)

Congratulations for a job well done and for having versioned it in MSX. Equal parts addictive, minimalist and challenging for the mind. A highly recommended!

Great fun! :)

Great game !

Also the msx version is great too ! Thanks Haplo. 

Muchas gracias por este maravilloso juego. Thank You so much!

Thank you very much for ZX version :-)

Awesome game!

Thanks for this. I enjoyed the game on my C64. On my Amiga 1200/030 though, both t2-lores and t2-hires crash after the flame startup screen. I am running AmigaOS 3.2.2 (KS 47.111, WB 47.4). Tenebra 1 runs fine.

That's strange, no one has reported any problems. And your configuration is quite similar to mine. Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the error message to my email address haplotenebra at gmail?

Thanks for the news about an Atari 8-bit computers port!

No worries! Will let you know once it's ready.

Take your time!

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Why is interlaced mode not recommended on the 500/600? I assume you mean on 512K ChipRAM Amigas?

What language/tools do you use to develop and port the game?

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No, CPU power was the problem. I noticed some slow-downs on A500/A600.

The game was written in 68000 assembly. The levels were designed in CharPad C64 Pro, then fed to a Python script.



Yes, I'm planning to.

We would like to ask you can we mention this game in our Twitter page?

Of course, please do! You might also want to mention that the original game is also available on PC: https://h4plo.itch.io/tenebra-pc

Thanks for great game. Will there be a ZX version in the future?

Thanks, and yes, hopefully before the end of the year.

The Amiga version - great!

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I know you just released the Amiga version of the first game not too long ago, but are you working on porting this sequel as well?

Definitely. Hopefully before the end of the year.


Thank you so much for this. I've now purchased both games.

Thank you for your support!

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I love Tenebra 2, really fantastic game! I enjoyed part 1 and now love playing part 2.

I recorded one of my first sessions for my channel:

Nice game! More information about our German-language review can be found here (switch on automatic subtitles, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome!



que original y que bonito es,gracias


Very nice game!

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Just buy the full version. Currently blocked at level 19... I'll beat it!

So far, so good. I'm happy I kept track of level codes. So I started at level 9 instead of 1 :)

After some more playing I went up to level 32. And I'm stuck on it :(

Any tip? Thanks.


The trick is once you can get to the top-right corner of the map, first make sure you already have a portal placed next to the pressure plate, then go to the top-right corner, put another portal there, then leave the torch down in a place where you can see both portals and the pressure plate.

If still stuck, email me at "haplotenebra -at- gmail dot com" and I'll send you a video.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll try it asap.

Edit: I managed to finish level 32 with your help. Let's play level 33 34 :)

I finished map 34. Map 35 is really hard...

Well, after some tries - at least 15 - I finished Tenebra 2:)

Better late than never :)

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Very nice, had one bug but it would be a spoiler... lets just say "it" dissappeared when I dropped the torch on it.

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Thanks. I went through the demo and couldn't find that "it"; I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific. Don't worry about spoilers. Or email me at haplotenebra -at- gmail -dot- com.

Broken rail

Yes, I see it now, thanks! The code correctly blocked dropping a torch on a broken horizontal rail, but not on a broken vertical rail. I will fix this in the full version.


Superb game!

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A good preview. I finished 8 of the 9 levels. Level 9 is kinda hard at first sight...

Can't wait now for the full version :)

Edit: just won on level 9...

What a nice surprise! Looking forward to the final version as well!

Great news, love Tenebra, so looking forward to playing the sequel preview this afternoon, time to get into that Halloween vibe! Also, the aesthetics could provide some nice blueprints for merch like t-shirts *wink wink*

very good


Nice preview !!