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The Machinations is an automation puzzle game for Commodore 64.

Transport the binary cell from the source to the target using the modules at your disposal. The game is a remake of The Sequence by One Man Band.

The game contains 6 module types and 40 levels, including a sandbox level.

A manual is included in the download archive. You can also check out a quick 2-minute tutorial video here (based on the preview version, but still applicable):  

I hope you will enjoy it. 

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Tags8-Bit, Automation, Commodore 64, Retro


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Fantastic puzzle game! Together with Millie and Molly this is one of my all time favorites. The idea of meta-actuators is something I haven't seen before and it makes the puzzles very interesting.

For level 29 my son and I found a solution with only 3 modules instead of the provided 7. Is that expected, i.e. can I generally not assume that all modules are needed, or is it a "bug"? (We didn't find a solution that actually uses all 7 modules.)

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Yes! Some of the levels can be solved with less modules, and level 29 is the best example. It can be solved using only three. Is this the solution you found?

Yes, exactly.  So there isn't actually a solution that makes use of all the modules? I was staring at this level forever and couldn't find it. (But don't tell me! :-)

I'm not sure, I haven't found it either. Maybe I could ask One Man Band.

I'd sure be curious, if it's no bother to ask. I hadn't realized the levels were the same as in the Android (or whatever the "main" version is) game.

But don't spend too much time on this small thing, I don't want to keep you from developing games :-)

A game to continue playing. Good !

Cool. Did you pass the second level? Just put the modules on the red "M"s and orient them correctly. One will push out the binary packet from the source, the other will push it to the destination.

You can refer to the tutorial video above for more details.

Great puzzler! The 40 levels will keep me occupied for some time. ;-) 

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This looks like an excellent logic game. I am too dumb & lazy for those (only arcade games are my thing) but I can see there is something good there so I give it an 7/10.

Good game, reviewed by me at Twitch (will publish later on YT). Waiting for the fullversion. Thumb up!

Great! Let me know when it is published.


very good